Saving the World, One Invention at a Time

Saving the World, One Invention at a Time

( – We get so much new technology from the minds of inventors. In fact, some of these inventions could even save, or at least improve, the world we live in.

Take, for example, this video from Tasted Hits:

Above, we find several ideas that are making a huge impact on the world. Here are a few that are driving humanity in a better direction.

Manure Paper

This poop-to-paper product is really making an impact globally. Elephant dung carries a strong compound similar to cellulose that can easily be turned into paper. It’s time to save the trees!

Absorbent Asphalt

A fast-draining asphalt is making headlines. Not only does it absorb water during flooding, but it also remolds how some roads perform. It’s a money saver as well, sparing taxpayers millions on materials and construction work. Fewer potholes and cracks in roads and parking lots also means less wear and tear on vehicles.

Eco-Friendly Construction

There are multiple green products making their stamp across the building industry. With everything from recycled insulation to green roofs, there are a lot of sustainable materials debuting daily. Check out the options to help out the environment and possibly even reap long-term savings.

There are so many ways inventions impact our lives. Getting your hands on these products is a great way to live a sustainable, Earth-friendly lifestyle. From construction to daily-use items, we are on the way to a brighter, greener future.

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