Know Your Value

Know Your Value

( – You may know in your heart that your value is priceless and beyond compare, but do your actions reflect this? When you don’t fully know your own value, your actions may be more aligned with the discount bin than the priceless jewels. It’s not enough to simply acknowledge your value if you aren’t living from a place of self-worth.

Here are a few ways to know your value — and act like it.

You Don’t Suffer Fools

When foolishness occurs, you don’t let it take up your time, energy or attention. Gossip, drama or other low-vibe behavior just doesn’t consume you. You’re too busy minding your own business, working toward your goals and living your best life.

You Match Energy

When someone doesn’t invest in a relationship with you, you match that energy with the same amount of effort they put into it. You don’t give all of yourself into relationships that don’t see your worth. You spend your energy and time where it’s most valued.

You Don’t Compromise Yourself

You might understand the need for compromise when it comes to communication and conflict resolution, but you know you cannot compromise yourself or your values. What you believe matters to you, and you make choices that show it. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new and change your mind, but you don’t let opinions or pressure from others compromise who you are.

This short video may just inspire you to know your worth and live like you do:

Take yourself out of the discount bin or clearance rack. You are precious! It’s time to go out into the world and live like you know it.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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