Is This The Most Sincere Man on the Internet?

The Most Sincere Man on the Internet

( – Kindness, sincerity and honesty can be hard to come by in this world nowadays. So why does Twitter and Instagram sensation, James White, come across as being the most sincere man on the Internet?

It surely isn’t from his mundane, oftentimes relatable posts about a disastrous love life or lack thereof. Or bits and concerns about his once-ill father in which he went into detail about the tribulations of his disease and how it affected him on the daily.

His main claim to fame comes from his viral Vine mantra, “Very cool, very swag, very handsome, I like it!” Right away, you can’t help but smile at his quirky personality and the straightforward sincerity in his voice.

And while his sleepy tweets about what he’s eating for dinner tonight or a snap of him making his bed and washing sheets can be something to yawn about, they’ve sparked something in his followers. They’ve connected with him on a personal level.

And he’s someone to follow who’s living a common life — a real person. Not some fake influencer who has five filters on their Instagram. This is candid, showing actual life experiences and emotions that we can ALL relate to.

That being said, James brings a fresh bit of reality to the forefront. He’s likeable, but most of all, real. His sincerity and rawness are relatable, something we need in this glittery world of social media and fake facades.

As James would say, “Very cool, very swag, I like it!”

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