How To Tell If “Win Cash” Sites Are Scams

How To Tell If “Win Cash” Sites Are Scams

Taking the occasional gamble now and then is something many people like to do in their free time. A quick Google search will produce a myriad of websites that invite you to play a game or complete a quick survey to win instant cash. The problem is, many or most of these WIN CASH sites are scams. Not only do they want to take your money, but they’re also after your personal info, too. Read further and learn what to look for.

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The thrill of hitting the jackpot and winning big is a tempting idea. Checking out different prize sites on the web draws many in, especially when the prize is tantalizing. The problem is, most of these sites are scams set up to take money or to entice you to subscribe so they can spam (or further scam) you. Understand what to be on the lookout for and keep your pocketbook and identity safe.

Watch Out for These Scary “Win Cash Site” Red Flags!

Pay to Play

Many “win cash” sites have a catchy play-to-win logo that lures visitors. While players may spin a wheel or play a game using free points or fake bucks, the fine print often reveals that the player must use their own funds to proceed past a certain amount.

There are some legitimate sites that offer free play, but they clearly state that and you must agree to their terms first. In addition, they do pay out to winners. A fraudulent site will have you use your money with no intention to ever pay out any winnings.

They Require Bank Account Verification

Before playing games or entering sweepstakes on any website, the player will need to enter some personal information, such as name and email. But beyond that, if they ask for PayPal or credit card information for verification, it could very well be a scam site.

Never pay to enter sweepstakes. While many reputable sites ask for PayPal or account verification, be careful with an unknown prize site. Make sure their credentials (at the bottom of their page) check out first.

Asking to Install Their App or Software

In order to start spinning a prize wheel or begin playing a certain game, a site may ask visitors to download their app or software. Be leary of this. It could be a virus or bug that contains malware or spyware and which can wreak havoc on your system or even gain access to personal information. Some software can track your every move online and look into any personal info that’s stored on your computer or device.

Things Seem Too Good to Be True

The bottom line is, if things seem too good to be true, they probably are. When an email from a site suddenly says you’ve won big, it can be tempting to follow the link, but think before you click. All scammers want is that personal information and to gain access to unsuspecting player’s account numbers. Make yourself a tough target.

Bonus tip: Any time you stumble across a site that has numerous spelling errors or cheap graphics, that should be a red flag too. It could mean the website went up quickly or has an offshore entity running the platform. Stay safe by using caution when visiting “win cash” sites and always think before you click. The result could be the difference between winning big and losing big.

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