How Mature Are You?

How Mature Are You?

( – Have you ever heard that age is just a number? Really, it is — but there’s a difference between physical and emotional age. If you’re wondering where you fall on the maturity scale, this video quiz from Mr. Test will help you figure it out.

When it comes right down to it, are you as mature as you feel you are for your age? Or are you a kid at heart? Here’s how to narrow it down if you can’t watch.

  • You think long-term. One way to judge your maturity level is to ask yourself whether you think more in the moment or more about events that may happen in the future. Preparing for steps like college or becoming independent are signs that you are mature and want to plan your life accordingly.
  • You hold yourself accountable. Showing up on time for your job and not calling in sick when you’re not are just a couple of ways you’re being accountable with your responsibilities.
  • You plan ahead. Instead of spending money like crazy, signs of maturity include planning ahead and making sure that your lifestyle comes together. This means being able to plan for your financial future and follow through with it without major consequences.
  • You accept the consequences. Did you deny getting in trouble, or are you fessing up? Once you start holding yourself to the actions you’ve done, you are mature.

Being mature means adulting with ease and learning how to fix problems that pop up along the way. Life isn’t easy, but being mature about most situations will get you a lot further ahead than if you weren’t.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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