Easy, No-Sew DIY Halloween Costumes

For consummate costume shoppers, a looming Halloween deadline is hardly ever a problem. Some families already have an entire closet full of fun just waiting for the spooky season to arrive. 

Then, there’s everyone else: last-minute procrastinators who often find themselves scrambling to figure out a costume a day or two beforehand. That very frequently kills creativity, leaving kids to don the bed sheet of boredom by becoming a ghost.

Sadly, that isn’t the most creative or original idea. It also might not be the safest approach to trick-or-treating in the dark. So, how about taking a more exciting path?

Today’s Parent has 51 easy, totally DIY costume ideas for creative and spooky families that won’t pigeonhole you into the same old tired ideas.  

You won’t need expert-level crafting skills for these costume options. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to sew. Better yet, there’s no need to shell out a fortune; you can find virtually all necessary supplies right at home or at your local thrift store. 

That’s a huge bonus for families on a budget who still want to have fun. 

If you’re still feeling stuck for inspiration, encourage your kids to think about movie and literary characters, celebrities, cultural icons, political figures, and urban legends. Then, cobble together what you can from ingredients you already have on hand. 

Whatever you decide to create, let yourself have FUN with the process. 

Now, our final tip: don’t limit costume making (or wearing) to a single night of the year. Keep those glorious creations in an easy-to-access box or trunk all year round; make more along the way. They’ll encourage kids to engage in more imaginative play while also serving as a boredom buster at the same time.