Do You Need a Dopamine Detox?

Do You Need a Dopamine Detox?

( – Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter, or chemical in the brain, that gives us motivation to do more. Nowadays, fun and easy activities, like scrolling through social media, playing video games or grabbing bad snack foods, fuel high dopamine levels. This can backfire, wrecking our motivation.

This video explains how dopamine overload could hinder you from getting important tasks done.

This is where a dopamine detox may come in. A lower baseline could make it easier to engage in work and other harder projects. Try these strategies to get the most out of your dopamine levels.

Avoid All High-Stimulating Activities

For one full day each week, try to avoid everything fun. Remove all sources of external pleasure. This can help the dopamine levels to drop in your system, which may help you feel motivated to tackle more monotonous activities.

Ease Into It

Instead of going cold turkey, use fun activities as a reward. Try one hour of work, exercise or doing chores. Then, for 15 minutes, do something fun — play a game or give yourself some social media time. The reward still gives you that small dopamine burst, but only after you’ve completed something important, which may make it easier to accomplish unfinished goals.

Regulating dopamine levels is a great way to press the reset button and help your brain refocus. While dopamine is a feel-good trigger, too much may not be a good thing. Keeping yourself on an even keel will allow you to be happy while accomplishing your goals.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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