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Home Ownership

Rent-to-own homes

Your Guide To Rent-To-Own Homes

Both renting a house and owning a house come with their own burdens. It’s difficult to choose which one is the most financially responsible...
Get solar power

Should You Get Solar Power?

You’ve probably seen solar-powered homes or businesses before, but have you ever considered it for yourself? When you get solar power, you have access...
Affordable housing

Here’s How You Can Find Affordable Housing

Whether you’re just moving out of your parent’s house or buying your first home, affordable housing is hard to come by.  With the current market...
Live rent-free

How To Live Rent-Free With These Hacks

It's hard enough giving the majority of your paycheck towards your rent. It can be even harder watching your rent increase over time. The...
Personal loans approved

Fastest Ways To Get Personal Loans Approved

Personal loans are a quick way to fund anything from school tuition to surprise medical bills. They can range from as low as $500...
The home you want

How To Qualify For The Home You Want

Finding the home you want can be difficult. There are so many requirements, qualifications, and hoops you have to jump through before getting those...
Store Holiday Decor

Best Ways to Organize and Store Holiday Decor

One of the best ways to organize and store holiday decor is by using clear plastic bins. This will allow you to see what...

How Much Money Can You Save By Living In A Tiny House Compared To...

When comparing the costs of a full-sized home to a tiny home, a tiny home can cost on average $45,000. This cost can be...

How to Stay Warm in a Power Outage

Heavy snow, ice storms, blizzards, even a blustery breeze can knock out power in a matter of seconds. While we never know when this...

Creative DIY Shelving

Shelving not only adds vertical space to your room but also can be an accent to your home or a conversation piece. Especially during...

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