A Talented Walrus Shares a Special Trick

A Talented Walrus Shares a Special Trick

(GivenUs.com) – When you think of a walrus, you probably think of its thick skin and long tusks. What you might not think of is whistling.

That’s right — walruses can whistle. It’s an important form of communication for these social animals. And the ones in this video have a particularly special knack for making crystal clear sounds for the camera.

You can check out the mini solo concerts above, where these talented walruses stick their heads up, put their lips together and create beautiful sounds out of thin air. They’re both looking quite photogenic here. And, dare I say it, they seem more than happy to be entertaining the masses.

If you’re shocked to find that a walrus can whistle, you’re likely in good company. But just imagine. With walruses so talented in our midst, who’s to say that you don’t have a few unexpected strengths of your own? The world is full of delightful surprises!

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