9 Fun Riddles That Boost Your Brain

9 Fun Riddles That Boost Your Brain

(GivenUs.com) – Remember riddles back in grade school? Those catchy brain teasers your teacher replayed over and over? The goal was to boost cognitive thinking.

Maybe it’s time for a refresher. The BRIGHT SIDE shares nine fun riddles in this video:

When it comes to retaining info, do riddles really stick? It’s all in tricking your mind to think differently. Check out why riddles are beneficial to brain power!

Boosts Thinking

In the video, one segment talks about the full-glass method with objects. Using your brain to select which glass has the most water takes a little thinking. Weight, size and buoyancy all must be considered to determine correctly. Same with life. Sometimes you really need to think before making choices.

Improves Attention Span

Riddles repeat information and attach an image to the story. This action sparks interest; meanwhile, you’re learning a valuable skill that will stick. Consider the teapot riddle BRIGHT SIDE refers to. Because the image is so catchy, you may be more apt to pay attention and solve the puzzle.

Sometimes opening up a textbook can immediately drain our attention and take the fun out of self-improvement. Riddles, images and catchy stories can change all that. It’s all about enhancing brain power. Riddles may help introduce the magic of learning once again.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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