We Can All Relate To This Dramatic Husky

We Can All Relate To This Dramatic Husky

Zeus the husky has a message for his owner. His water bowl is empty and he will howl about it until his water supply is replenished.

After standing in his bowl and whining to get his owner’s attention, Zeus continues to noisily demand water, while his the dog in the house patiently waits, sitting by the window and scratching his ear.

“You’ve made your point,” his owner says, yet Zeus continues his pathetically adorable howls, and honestly I can totally relate. I feel the same way when I’m looking forward to something, but it probably wouldn’t be as cute if I started howling at my barista or the person making my burrito.

Once his bowl is full and placed down in front of him, Zeus eagerly starts drinking and all is well again.

It’s hard to wait. We feel you, Zeus.

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