It Turns Out Gravity Is Super-Weird

It Turns Out Gravity Is Super-Weird

( – When we think of space, we think of the area immediately around us. But thinking bigger, we know it’s part of infinity and beyond. Gravity plays a huge role in our day-to-day. But how so? The Science Channel explains more here:

In actuality, gravity can really be kinda weird. Here’s why.

Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence

We are all in perpetual motion due to gravity. As mentioned in the video, as we fall fast in an elevator or theme park ride, we don’t just feel weightless, we actually are! Life goes on even as we ascend, we also will fall. But the good news is, we can get back up and try again.

Dark Matter Clouds Certainty

Much of the universe is made up of this unknown material. How do we know? Through measuring gravity. It feels scary knowing there is so much space out there that has no explanation of why or how it got there.

There are a lot of dark unknowns in life. Don’t let it defeat you. Remember, where there is dark, light is not too far around the corner.

What Neutron Stars Can Tell Us

Neutron stars can create far more gravity than the sun. Collapsed remains of old stars, these dense objects in the sky make their presence known all across space. Think of yourself as a neutron star: shining bright, stunning and warm at all times.

Gravity drives us and everything around us. It’s there as we age and evolve. The same holds true with everyday life. Change is always taking place, so it’s best to learn how to deal with what’s ahead in the most positive way possible.

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