Is It Better to Be a Nerd or Geek?

Is It Better to Be a Nerd or Geek?

( – Do you consider yourself a nerd or a geek? Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be either at all, but nearly everyone knows someone who is.

These lovable and quirky individuals might seem like they come from the same camp. After all, many “nerds” and “geeks” share similar hobbies. They might even hang out together or spend time in the same social circles.

But that doesn’t mean they’re identical, nor is it proof that one personality trait is better than the other.

Good  Mythical Morning (GMM) explains.

Yes, the semantics are so similar that it can be hard to differentiate between the two. So, is it really just a personal preference?

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Nerds are super smart. When it comes down to it, nerds are the Valedictorians and honor students of their time. They go on to be inventors or champions at their craft. Some nerdists consider themselves experts in their field; whether it be in science, technology or what have you, they spend every waking hour perfecting or debunking what’s on their plate.
  • Geeks are more socially aware. Unlike their counterparts, geeks love to be social butterflies. They’ll relentlessly try to impress their peers and will go to any lengths, albeit geeky ones, to gain attention and prevail… although their interests may be a little niche for all people to appreciate.
  • Both are masters of something. One of the uniting trademarks of being intelligent and unique is that both are masters of something. Whether they excel at playing the tuba or World of Warcraft, they display high capability within their skillset.

As for whether one of these is better? There’s no definable answer to this question; it depends entirely on how YOU feel.

In fact, you might even compare the difference to how some fans compare Star Trek and Star Wars. They’re more unique than the same. Yet at the end of the day, both are still really fun and exciting stories about space that deserve plenty of love.

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