Top Ways To Make Money During School

Make Money During School

Making money can be difficult, especially if you are a college student. Usually, you use what spare time you have available to catch up on sleep or socialize with friends. You can use some of that time to make money during your school career and earn some spare cash for more outings.

It should come as no surprise that you won’t command very high salaries as a student. However, there are many opportunities for students who want to increase their incomes. While the list below won’t turn you into Bill Gates overnight, it can provide you with some ways to raise your spending money.

  1. Tutoring

This is probably one of the best options for students who want to make a quick buck while studying. If you have an area in which you excel, whether it be math, history, or science, then there’s a strong chance any student who struggles in these areas would be willing to pay good money for your help. Your abilities could also give you a leg up when applying for jobs later on, so demonstrating how smart and hard-working you were as a young person will impress future employers. 

  1. House Sitting

House-sitting can often be a very convenient and high-paying job for students. All you have to do is look after someone else’s home while its owner isn’t using it. Letting in maintenance workers, keeping the house clean, and taking care of any pets are the only jobs you’ll be responsible for. It’s an easy way to make quick cash and get your homework done all at the same time. 

  1. Delivering Pizza

This is one of the more regular student jobs. If you’re looking to make some extra income, it’s pretty easy to get a position as a pizza delivery driver. You’ll have part-time hours that are flexible with your class schedule. While this may not pay very well, you’ll have good chances to meet people who will help expand your social circle and give you access to potential money-making opportunities.

  1. Retail

Many students love buying new clothes or gadgets with their spare cash. Working at a store is a great way to supplement your income and give you access to incredible employee discounts. You can save money and make money all at the same time! 

  1. Babysitting

There are usually many adults looking for sitters for their young children in a college town. Many times those people work for the college or in the college town. Babysitting is a great way to make money on the weekends or at night after class. You can often study during babysitting because the young children are asleep in the evening hours. You could even join a childcare network like if you want more connections with potential clients. 

  1. Teaching English

If you are a native English speaker who is also good at teaching, this can be a highly lucrative way of making money during your schooling. Many international students are willing to pay large sums every month to learn from someone who speaks their native language fluently. It helps them have a better experience during their degree, and it also helps them exercise their foreign language muscle. 

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