5 Gadgets You Need For Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Puppies are curious creatures. When they start chewing up items they’re not familiar with, they can end up really hurting themselves. Every one of those accidents can result in vet bills that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

You can prevent your dog from getting into harmful substances by taking time to puppy-proof your home. Check out these 5 gadgets that will help you protect your new pup. 

1. Door Buddy Door Latch

Does your pooch tend to open doors when they feel stuck inside a room? This latch attaches to your door frame and connects to the surface of your door. That way, when your dog paws at the door handle, they can’t access rooms that you don’t want them to get into. 

Chewy: $18.99

2. Richell Freestanding Gate for Dogs & Cats 

This large gate is a chic way to block off parts of the house you don’t want your dog to reach. It’s big enough to serve as an effective barrier without making it too difficult for you to step over. With a sturdy wooden structure and trendy metal railing, protecting your pup never looked so good!

Chewy: $103.58

3. Frisco Indoor Grass Potty

Do you need a space for your dog to relieve themself, but you hate the look of dirty training pads covering your floor? Look no further than this indoor grass potty! It allows your dog to defecate independently without being a total eyesore. 

Chewy: $18.94

4. Automatic Dog Water Fountain

There’s nothing grosser than stagnant water in a dog bowl. Over time, it collects bits of kibble, pet hair, and other nasty things. Training your pup to use a water fountain can save them from drinking in all the bacteria that can collect in a bowl over the day. It also spares you from having to refill their water so frequently.

SimplyGadgets: $149.99

5. Grannick’s Bitter Apple

Is there no room in your budget to splurge while puppy-proofing your home? This spray is an inexpensive way to prevent your dog from chewing up valuable belongings. When you spray an item, it gives off a bitter taste that’s sure to deter your dog from ever trying to chew it again. 

Petco: $10.99