Can It Pay to Help People?

Are you the type of person who loves to help people no matter how difficult their situation is?

Have you ever thought about taking online courses to become certified as a substance abuse counselor? If so, they need more people like you.

Finding a job you love where you can make a decent living and give back at the same time is ideal; substance abuse counselors get to do both every day.

Could becoming a substance abuse counselor be your next career?

Rising addiction rates and statistics show that over 25 million Americans struggle with addiction and substance abuse issues each and every year. That’s equal to about 9.3 percent of all Americans over the age of 12. For perspective, think about 10 people you know; by statistics, at least one of them struggles with addiction or substance abuse.

Many online universities now offer industry-specific Associate’s Degrees (A.D.) in Addiction Studies, allowing you to specialize in substance abuse right from day one. These courses tailor courses to the industry while maintaining a high level of generalized psychology and counseling education standards.

Of the available degrees, the AD is often the shortest, demanding approximately two years of your time.

Whichever path you choose, you can take online classes around your schedule and spend the majority of your first year learning basic psychology and addiction theory. After a minimum of one year, most online universities add in practical (hands-on experience) hours. Once you complete your degree and job training hours, your final step is to complete and pass both your final examination and any required state licensing exams.

Would you be a good substance abuse counselor?

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